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Small Scale Concrete Mixer

????With increasingly improved requirement of concrete quality in construction projects, manual mixing of concrete have been replaced by mechanical concrete mixer completely. Large concrete batching plants, however, cost so much that many people flinch after hearing the prices. If you have a tight budget, you can choose a small scale concrete mixer which costs far less than batching plants.
concrete mixer

????What are small scale concrete mixers? Generally we consider mixers whose discharging volume is no more than 500 liters as small scale mixers, which include JZC250, JZC350, JZC500, JDC350, JDC500 and JS500 in China market. Their discharging volume varies from 250 to 500 liters, and the types contain JZC, JDC as well as JS. JZC refers to drum-type concrete mixers. Mixed materials are fed into a rolling drum which rotates continuously to send the materials to a certain degree of height with blades. The materials then fall down freely. This type of mixers are also called self falling mixers. The other type is forced mixers, to which both JDC and JS belong to. In working process the mixing drum stays still while blades arranged evenly inside the drum stirs the materials strongly. Forced type concrete mixers have better quality and efficiency than self-falling ones, but their prices are commonly higher. Buyers can choose different types in accordance with specific needs.

????Besides, price varies from type to type. Brand influence also proves to be a factor impacting price of even the same type of concrete mixer. We are a professional manufacturer with decades of history and over ten years of export history. If you have a rough budget and approximate discharging volume, welcome to contact us at or (wechat/mobile) 0086 158 3802 9491. We can help to choose a suitable type based on your specific circumstance and will provide configuration list as well as quotation at the earliest possible time.

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