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Concrete Mixing Plant Price in China

????Concrete mixing plant price in China or any other country varies from supplier to supplier. If you just search the words online, you may get a series of confusing numbers of price. Take HZS60 for example. The cheapest, as listed on a famous wholesale website in China, is only 200,000RMB (While a good HZS25 costs over 250,000RMB). The most expensive one has a surprising price of 700,000RMB.
concrete mixing plant price in China

????Why is there such a big price gap for plants of a same model? The root lies in quality, including quality of components and quality of service. Take components for example. HZS60 stationary concrete batching plants can be equipped with powder silos of 50-ton capacity or 100-ton capacity. Most cheap plants follow the smaller silos. Although silos are not the most expensive part for a concrete mixing plant, they reflect how variation in size and capacity of a component influences the final price of the plant. Plants with different mixers cost differently, too. We usually regard JS1000 as the standard mixer for a HZS60 plant, but has it ever occurred to you that JS1000 concrete mixer has numerous brands around the world? Good brand means better quality yet higher price, and vise versa. The other important thing about mixer is mixing speed and power, because not a few countries supply power whose voltage and frequency are different from that in China. Mixers of special powers are available, but cost more. In addition to mixers, weighing systems are the second most crucial components for a concrete plant. Their price largely depends on weighing precision and stability. Last but not least, expensive concrete mixing plants may be equipped with environmental devices such as dust removers and separation fences, which cheap plants will not include.

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