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How to Choose Concrete Mixer Electric Motor

????There are many types of concrete mixers, and each type has different models. Generally each model has a corresponding motor power. For example, JS1500 concrete mixers should be equipped with a 45-kw motor while JS500 only a 18.5-kw motor. In addition to the power, you have to also take other elements into account. Specifically speaking, you should consider the following factors.

????1. The type of the electric motor for a concrete mixer

????You should choose the type in accordance with the loading nature and process conditions of the mixer and its requirements about starting, braking, running, speed regulation etc.

????2. The motor volume and cooling draught type

????Volume and cooling draught type of a concrete mixer should depend on the requirements about load torque, speed variation range, starting frequency, temperature rise limit, overload capacity and starting torque.
concrete mixer

????3. Protection and structure

????You should take environmental conditions of a mixer’s working places into full account in deciding its protection method and structure. Influencing factors include temperature, dust, rain, gas, corrosion, flammable gases and explosive gases etc. Only base on consideration of these factors can you choose suitable explosion-proof level and degree of protection for the motor.

????4. Rated speed

????The choosing of rated rotating speed of a concrete mixer should be based on full knowledge about maximum speed, the performance requirements of the transition process of the electric drive speed control system, as well as the complexity of the mechanical deceleration.

????In a word, the choice of electric motors for concrete mixers entails complicated study and math calculation. You should be clear about the power, the type, the protection level, the structure and rated speed you need.

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