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Cost of a 120m3/h concrete batching plant

????The cost of a 120m3/h concrete batching plant is not stable even when you ask the same supplier at the same price, for they must be clear about your configuration and plant type before giving an offer. The HZS120 concrete mixing plant is a medium-sized mixing plant with 2 cubic meters of material discharged per tank, with a theoretical output of 120m3/h per hour, which can meet the needs of the surrounding 30 km project. The investment cost of building a 120 mixing station on the project is different from the investment cost of building a 120 mixing station in a commercial mixing station. The size of the site, the equipment foundation method, equipment configuration, total investment cost, etc. are different.

????Basic cost of a set of 120m3/h concrete batching plant

????The price of 120 stations is about 700 to 1.2 million, depending on your configuration. Like screw conveyors, several cement silos, mixing hosts, etc., these can be adjusted within a certain range. First of all, you have to know what configuration you use. Or consult a few more manufacturers, after having a specific configuration list, you can have a relatively accurate quotation. You can also go to the production site first to see the equipment of different manufacturers and the scale of the production site. Then consider the question of quotation.
120m3-h concrete batching plant

????Other cost of building a 120m3/h concrete batching plant

????Land purchase

????A HZS120 concrete batching plant engineering station covers an area of 15 acres, and the commercial mixing station uses about 30 acres. You can consult the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development for how much land per acre. However, the location of the 120 mixing station is very important, and it must be selected for convenient transportation and water use. With convenient electricity and away from densely populated areas, land in such places will be much cheaper.

????Plant investment

????The whole batching plant workshop includes: including office building, dormitory building, canteen, laboratory, material yard closed, main station building encapsulation, etc., which can be budgeted by the construction unit.

????Auxiliary equipment investment

????Auxiliary equipment mainly includes pump trucks, cement concrete trucks, etc.

????EIA costs

????Please consult the local environmental protection department or a third party for the cost of environmental protection procedures.

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