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Why is your automatic concrete mixer machine low efficient

????An automatic concrete mixer machine should provide cast-in-place concrete to the construction site in the form of centralized premixing and long-distance transportation. This is a high-tech building material product that combines modern concrete with modern construction technology. Modern buildings, highways, railways, bridges, airports, etc. are inseparable from concrete pouring, so concrete mixing plants have become popular products in these industries. As we all know, the use of a concrete mixer in the open air is exposed to wind, sun, and rain throughout the year. After a period of use, it will easily become inefficient. The reasons are as follows.
automatic concrete mixer machine

????1. The raw material preparation time is longer than the mixing and discharge time. Since the preparation of various raw materials needs to be completed after the preparation is completed, in this case, there is a lot of idle time in the whole process, which can only wait for the preparation work, which greatly reduces the workload and the efficiency of each workflow. The corresponding workload cannot be completed within the time unit.

????2. The raw material preparation time is less than or equal to the sum of the two. The calculation of work efficiency in the concrete production process is relatively large, that is to say, if the total production time is too long, it will destroy the entire concrete production balance and work efficiency will be low.

????3. Failure to perform maintenance in a timely and regular manner. After use, the concrete mixer should clean the inside and outside of the mixing barrel in time, and use a clean adhesive to remove it properly. The mixing blade should be tightened once a week to prevent the blade from falling and causing accidents. Regularly check the shaft end seal cavity and the inlet and outlet of the distributor. Check whether the sealing line is smooth, full of grease, and whether each lubrication point and gearbox has enough grease. Observe whether the grease in the storage cylinders of the electric lubrication pumps at all levels is used up. The lubricating oil should be filled up in time after use, and it is not allowed to run without oil.

????In short, the low production efficiency of automatic concrete mixer machines may be related to the production process and maintenance habits. As long as you pay attention to the above aspects, the production efficiency of the mixer can be guaranteed.

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