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the actual operation of concrete mixer machine

Concrete mixer can be mixed with dry hard, plastic, fluid, light aggregate and other concrete and a variety of mortar, applicable to all types of prefabricated components factory and various construction sites, roads, bridges, airports, tunnels, Mianshaozhuanzhan and other projects.
The actual operation of concrete mixer machine.
1, in the horizontal shaft compulsive concrete mixer operation, the loading track warping uneven, hopper wheel contact bad, easily lead to forced concrete mixer on the hopper is running smoothly. The reason for this problem is on the track, then check the two tracks, so that the track straight, parallel to the rail, so as to ensure that the concrete mixer on the hopper running smoothly.
2, the concrete mixers shaft is the focus of the site, parts in the role of high strength under the action of its life will be greatly reduced, resulting in shaft shaft leakage slurry. The reason for this problem is the floating seal damage, the need to promptly replace the new floating seal, and in addition to the usual maintenance should pay attention to the timely maintenance of the shaft end parts, timely replacement of the seal.
3,the horizontal shaft compulsive concrete mixer hopper rises over up to the point and bad traction institutions.The reason for that forced concrete mixer automatic limit failure or deformation limit baffle and doesn't work, then should repair or replace the spacing device of forced mixer, and adjust the limit, so that the concrete mixer on the hopper on material level is normal.
4, cement mixer produced a sharp harsh sound, causing the problem is generally caused by the blade or end scraper and the tank between the existence of foreign body and the tank wall friction generated. At this time need to stop the foreign body removed, and then in accordance with the requirements of adjusting the blade, scraper and irrigation wall gap.
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