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The installation of compulsive concrete mixer

The compulsive concrete mixer also called forced concrete mixer and double compulsive/twin shaft concrete mixer all belong to it.
The compulsory concrete mixer comprises a stirring cylinder which is provided with a stirring shaft which is respectively provided with a side arm for cleaning the end wall surface on the stirring shaft at the two end walls of the mixing drum, A set of spirally arranged mixing arms are mounted on both sides of the point, the two groups of mixing arms are arranged from the end arm to the middle arm in the axial direction, and the arrangement in the rotation direction ranges from the end arm to the middle arm. The top of the arm is fixed with a stirring blade, and the two arms respectively lag behind the arm end of the stirring arm on the same side in arrangement in the rotation direction.
The installation of compulsive concrete mixer:
The concrete mixer machine should be checked after devanning motors, cylinders, housings and other transportation in the absence of damage, whether the loose fasteners, if loose should be tightened to support the foundation for the formation of a concrete floor, mixer handling rope tied at Rack, can not be set in the mixing shaft, the cement mixer below the base with casters, can be arbitrarily moved.

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