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What should we do when concrete mixer stop running

What should we do when concrete mixer stop running? This will not only affect the quality of concrete, but also delay the progress of the project, to the user to bring greater trouble.
1. Adjust the concrete mixer machine load
If the concrete mixer is working more than the normal load, it will slow the stirring shaft. If the load is too large, it will cause the stirring shaft to stop or the stirring shaft will bend. Then, only the amount of feed will be adjusted, the excess material will be discharged, Axis can be rotated load.
2. Clear foreign matter
When the concrete mixer mixing blade or side leaf and the tank wall between the larger foreign body, especially the stones, will also cause the stirring shaft to stop, the reason to be able to hold foreign matter, is the concrete mixer mixing blades or side blades and tank wall The gap is too large. The side leaves and the inner wall of the stuck material, the stirring shaft before the stop will often have sharp harsh friction sound, this situation, the need to immediately stop the inspection, manual removal of foreign body, re-adjust the concrete mixer blade or side leaves and The gap between the inner wall of the tank, if necessary, can be washed with water.
3. The tensioning motor drive belt
Concrete mixer machine motor drive belt too loose can also lead to the mixing of concrete mixer shaft rotate slowly or stop, this is because the motor drive belt too loose, lead to transfer of power shortage.At this time just stop after adjusting concrete mixer motor drive belt tension.
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