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Working Principle and Classification of Concrete Mixer

A concrete mixer is a machine mixing cement, aggregate and water into concrete as needed. Simply speaking, it is composed of a base, a transmission group and a mixing drum. When the concrete mixer is in operation, the transmission group drives the mixing drum to rotate. In the mixing drum there are two groups of stirring discs. The rotation direction and circle number of the first group of stirring discs are different from those of the second group. In this way, small whirlpools are generated to mix the materials in a more complete way. The new generation of concrete mixers have tooth rings around the inside wall of the mixing drum, and tooth gears matching the rings on the transmission shaft. During operation of the concrete mixer the gears get into the rings so that there will be no slip between the roller and the towboat in wet environment.
concrete mixer

Different classification methods lead to varied groups. In accordance with working continuity concrete mixers can be divided into batch type and continuous type. By installation method there are stable type and mobile type. As for discharging method, there are rollover type and non-rollover type. If classified by structure of the mixing drum, concrete mixers fall on 5 types: pear-shaped type, drum type, double-cone type, vertical spindle disc type and circular slot horizontal spindle type. By stirring principle there are forced mixer and self-falling mixer, among which the former is more popular, for it’s more effective and widely applicable. It can mix dry hard concrete.

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