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Self-falling Concrete Mixers VS Forced Concrete Mixers

????A concrete mixer is a machine mixing cement, aggregate and water into concrete as needed. Simply speaking, it is composed of a base, a transmission group and a mixing drum. How many types of concrete mixers are there? You may have heard different. The fact is, there are at least five classification methods. Today we’re talking about only one method--stirring principle, by which concrete mixers are divided into forced mixer and self-falling mixer.

????As long ago as the beginning of the twentieth century, self-falling concrete mixers had come into being, driven by steam engines. In the later 1950s, people developed twin-cone mixer of turn discharging and tip-over discharging, and later split drum mixer. A self-falling mixer has stirring blades ranged vertically on the inside wall of the mixing drum. The drum rotates horizontally, during which fed materials are lifted and then fall down dragged by their own weights. In this way, materials get mixed. Self-falling mixers are commonly applied to mix plastic concrete. Since its birth in the 1950s, forced concrete mixers have developed rapidly. The earliest type, vertical spindle disc type, was divided into turboprop kind and planetary kind. With the application of lighter aggregates after the 1970s, circular horizontal spindle mixers appeared. Combing features of both self-falling mixer and forced mixer, this new machine had singular spindle or double spindles. Its blades stirred at a smaller line speed. It was featured by good wear resistance and less energy consumption, which made it more and more popular. Forced mixers have stirring blades equipped on the spindle arms. The blades stir fed materials strongly to make them form crossing streams. In this way, materials are mixed completely. Dry hard concrete are usually mixed by forced mixers.

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