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How to Adjust Concrete Ratio of A Small Concrete Plant

????All building projects are in need of concrete, the production of which is realized by concrete mixing plants. The quality of concrete applied in a project decides that of the whole project to a large degree. The concrete mixer plant can be divided into various types. In most industrial and civil projects around us, concrete is supplied by small plants. A small concrete mixing plant has a productivity between 25 and 50 metric meters per hour. There are stationary ones and portable (mobile) ones. Stationary plants are suitable for projects that are not far from each other. While portable concrete plant advantages include strong mobility and quick return of investment. The quality of concrete produced by a small concrete mixing plant can compete with that by a larger plant. The precondition is that you have to adjust the concrete ratio reasonably.
portable concrete plant

????The two factors in adjusting concrete ratio are concrete strength and water content. The concrete strength is mainly decided by cement strength and the ratio between water and glue. Therefore, if you want to stabilize your concrete strength, you should recalculate the water and glue ratio based on the specific strength of cement to be applied, and then at last you can obtain the amounts of water and glues needed. The adjustment of concrete water consumption is needed when there are changes in the cement fineness or particle gradation, the water demand ratio of the mineral admixtures, or the superplasticizer's water reduction rate. This method must be adopted based on a stable water glue ratio. Since the water-to-binder ratio is kept constant and the composition of the cementitious material is not changed, the strength of the concrete is substantially unchanged.

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