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Damageable Parts of Trailer Mounted Concrete Pumps

????People who are engaged in the industry of trailer mounted concrete pumps have the common sense that some parts of the pumps are vulnerable. In addition to regular maintenance, you should replace these damageable parts with new ones in case of serious wearing. These damageable parts of trailer concrete pumps include tires, brake pads and connectors for computers, sensors and fuel injectors.
trailer mounted concrete pump

????Tires must be replaced in time. No matter what kind of tire it is, you can not expect it to last as long as metal parts. Some pumps are not so frequently used, and their tires seem to be perfect by the surface, but they have actually become aged and worn over the years. Therefore, it’s still necessary to change them after several years. To maintain a tire of a trailer mounted concrete pump, you need to remove little stones, aggregates and sand in the exterior tire lines and check whether there are popping-up bubbles, layers, cracks, melted dots or aged points. Then you need to dismantle the whole tire device. The metal circle should be cleaned until it’s free from rust. You should check whether there are damage or wrinkles in the interior tire before filling it with air. Besides, it’s necessary to make sure there are no damage from the tire’s contacting with the side plate, base plate, springs and mud guards of the pump.

????The braking pad must be replaced once the alarm lamp flashes. The fact is, you’d better take measures before this, because it’s really too dangerous if you wait until the lamp tells you. Most connectors of trailer mounted concrete pumps are made of copper-zinc alloy, and are very stable and reliable most of the time. But if you have the pump operating in environments of high temperature, high moisture and constant vibration, these connectors tend to get loose, rusty or insensitive, causing various strange electronic failures. Thus in regular maintenance you should pay special attention to connectors for computers, sensors, fuel injectors and so on.

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